Gifts of the Wyrd

What is wonderful about this community is that I get to meet all sorts of really interesting and wonderful individuals of all modalities. As I see myself as an eternal student and always wanting to learn more about other things with an open mind and open ears, I thoroughly enjoy not only chatting with individuals to get their stories on how they move and interact with the world around them, seen and unseen, I also get the pleasure of seeing and hearing people as they integrate said thoughts and ideas into our moderately modern world.

Today, I’m bringing you one such individual who gives a fantastic and in depth review of the Viking Oracle. So if you’ve got about an hour and want to watch my good friend Jan (pronounced: yawn for my friendly English speakers):

However, if you are not in a place where you cannot watch a video but still would be interested in what Jan says about the Viking Oracle or other topics on things such as Heathenry, magic in general, and divination practices, you can check out his podcast series.

Speaking from experience, Jan gives a wonderful, in depth review of the oracle that is present in both the video and the podcast and honestly, his NPR voice is super soothing for those of us who are ASMR junkies. So if you have an hour to spare and want to get a Heathen’s perspective, please check out the video and/or the podcast.

And who knows? You might get hooked on it and may want to go and follow that podcast since he does tend to bring on other members of the metaphysical to chit chat.


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