The Lesson of Rest

Hey there, party people!

Wow, it has been a minute since I’ve said anything, hasn’t it?

Here’s the thing, you beautiful and wonderful smart masses:

I have a problem. I fully admit to this problem and this problem has gotten me into heaps and heaps of trouble. Especially with myself. Sometimes, even with other people. It’s hard to admit one has a problem. Harder still to seek and accept help.

My problem is that I push myself too hard and I work myself often to the point of exhaustion: mentally, emotionally, spiritually. And, sometimes, even physically. So I push, push, push, work, work, work until I flop over and essentially become a potato that even GLaDOS won’t touch. And I found myself giving the same excuse over and over again: “I’m so busy.”

But wait, where have I heard this before?

More often than not, we let ourselves get swept away by the traffic jams and paper pushing of every day life. Yes, we tout ourselves in reading voraciously about self-care. But how often do we actually execute self-care? Come on, be honest. When was the last time you took the time and actually took care of yourself without worrying about everything else?

Yours truly is especially terrible at that. It came to the point where I was exhausting myself and was barely able to keep myself put together. Let me just say: paperclips and bubble gum are not great things to use to keep yourself together.

So I took the time in these last few months to really take the time and retract. I hear a lot about expanding one’s horizons and one’s higher self. And it’s true, there are many ways to expand yourself. But I wasn’t just expanding my own spiritual practice and lessons, I was stretching myself far too thin. The last few months were spent pulling myself back in to focus on things like what makes me happy, what nourishes me.

I needed to learn the lesson that it was okay to think for myself and do things simply just for me.  It is only when I can resource myself and find my own voice and my own firm spot that I would be able to provide a better service to you, Reader. Keeping busy is good; doing your own thing is fantastic; but I really needed to rest in order to integrate things into my own personal philosophy and scope.

“Okay, that’s great, Ann, but what does that mean for this blog? Are you quitting?!”

Not even remotely. Check out my Facebook for information on how to get in touch with me for one on one readings and for events that I will be attending. There will simply be a lot less regarding regular events that I will be doing. For this blog specifically, I will be using it as a way to post as what it says on the tin: a mish mash. There’s a lot of nuances that a lot of us aren’t made aware of. I hope to provide interesting opinion pieces to help churn those brain juices and get them flowing as well as provide a few reviews of various decks that pass through my way and provide other things that just so happen to cross my desk metaphorically.

I will definitely try to most a lot more frequently on this blog. I honestly have no idea if they will be coherent but by golly, they will be there!

So keep your eyes peeled for new content that will be coming through this blog.



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