The Triple Check In Spread

Inspiration can hit you at any given moment.

As humans, we like to think we have all parts of ourselves in balance with each other. That we are able satisfy the Little One within us with their wants and “ooh shiny!” moments; that we listen to that Divine voice that reminds us that we “know better”; and that we walk the Earth in this reality as ourselves. Though sometimes, it can certainly feel like we’re either ignoring or giving into one of these three more than the others.

Here’s a spread that’s helped me out in checking in and seeing what messages each part of myself has for me. Now keep in mind, this can be used with Tarot, Oracle Cards, Runes, or even Lenormand, possibly.


Is it fancy? No. Was it written on notebook paper and taken a picture of on my phone? Why, yes! Here’s how this works:

Card 1 – The Little One – What message stokes our desire? What does this spark say to us? Are we addressing our desires? Are we ignoring or seeing to our own wants? When “ooh shiny!” pops up, how do we react? What is that Inner Child saying?

Card 2 – The Self – Where are you right now? You walk this Earth walk. You live in this real world with things like deadlines and bills. What is your self in this life saying to you? What message is important to you right here, right now?

Card 3 – The Divine – Your Higher Self is speaking. What wisdom awaits here? What does this part of you, the one with all of the spoilers to your life, have to say about what’s going on? What inspiration does it provide? Are you listening? Are you ignoring?

Card 4 – The Little and Self Talk – Adult you and kid you get to have a heart to heart. How do these two interact? Do they even talk to each other? What place does Desire have in your reality? Is there a reality in what you want? When they tag team, what do they tell you?

Card 5 – The Self and Divine Talk – Time for some divine intervention. How do they interact? Does the Self wave off the Divine? Does the Divine override and not care about the consequences of the real world? When they talk, what comes out of it?

Card 6 – The Focus – Now that we’ve gotten to talk to each of them and condensed it down to what they say when they tag team, what do they have to say? What should you focus on in order to satisfy all these parts of yourself? What messages rings true as a whole to you?


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