San Diego Cartomancy Collective

Are you in or around San Diego County out in California?

Do you have a passing interest in Tarot? What about Oracle Cards? What about Lenormand? Is it one of those things you’ve always heard about but never really thought about?

Or maybe you’re someone that’s been “in the scene” for quite some time and want to get together with other like minded people. A meeting of the minds, perhaps? To discuss or learn new spreads, new interpretations to cards that you’ve been familiar with your whole life?

Whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s been at it for forever and a day, might be worthwhile to check out the San Diego Cartomancy Collective. And here’s a link!


It’s a home grown meet up group for those of us who are quite curious, capable, clever, and accomplished at cutting cards for divination purposes. Meaning, really, any of us that ever had any type of interest in cartomancy.

But Ann!, I hear you cry, what on earth is cartomancy?!

While our dear ol’ friends at dictionary.com define cartomancy (pronounced: car-tow-man-see) as “the telling of fortunes with playing cards”, it actually extends and includes any system that involves the use of cards. Carte, meaning card, and -mancy, meaning divination. Here’s a few examples of cartomancy:

Tarot is a pretty familiar system to most people, as they’ve seen a few familiar figures in media (“The Lovers”, “The Death”, “The Empress”, etc., etc., etc.). This deck typically uses a system of 78 cards and has a myriad of layouts, called spreads, to select from to interpret and answer questions.

Lenormand, or Le Petit Lenormand, is a system that utilizes 36 cards and is read in pairs. This particular system is great to use when you have a very specific question. Definitely a case of: ask a vague question, get a vague answer.

Oracle Cards do not adhere to any pre-set system. At all. Decks come in all shapes, sizes, and numbers, and may or not include a guidebook for you. There could be a particular set of deities that it draws in or it could be a theme that it revolve itself around. These decks leave it more up to the interpreter/reader to divine the meaning or answers that are being sought.

With all that being said, if you’re interested in developing your skills as a cartomancer (one who reads cards) in San Diego, give that link a click and join up the meet up group to chat with other like minded people!


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