3/13/17 – Messages for this week

I got inspired to pull cards from my Sailor Moon Oracle this morning to sort of help me through this week and thought I’d share the results since I felt like there were others that could benefit from the same messages:


Aww! How sweet and terrifying! Kind of.

Interestingly enough, I do feel like they both reflect each other.

For those who aren’t familiar with Sailor Moon, let me explain.

On the left is Queen Nehelenia. One of her M.O. as the bad guy of the series stems from her determination of remaining young and beautiful forever when she looks in a mirror and sees this ugly, old decrepit version of herself. It’s shocking to Nehelenia and she sets out on a mission to remain young and beautiful forever. The lesson I take from her is that she let her reflection (an illusion, one potential facet of herself) to blind her from all of the riches that she DOES have around her. No, no, a kingdom full of adoring subjects is not enough. She zeroes in on this one thing.

For her to come up seems to point to the challenge of “are we letting ourselves focus too much on one thing and letting it define our life?” right in our face. It’s hard to see it because it is our direct reflection. But it’s there. Have you been putting blinders on yourself and focusing on one thing? What is that one thing? Why does it matter? How does it play into the grand scheme of things?

On the right is Chibi-Usa/Rini, Sailor Chibi-moon/Mini-moon. She’s usually associated with sweet things, sugar, pink, cavities. Chibi-usa’s story is different, depending on the season you’re watching her. This reminds me of the R season when she was tricked by Wiseman/Doom Phantom’s illusions (see what I did there?) and let it twist her into what she thinks is the ideal goal of her life in a way that isn’t beneficial for her. She becomes a “lady”, something she’s always wanted, but the means to get there are manipulation and, again, being so focused on that reflection of loneliness and abandonment that she doesn’t seem the full picture.

Because of this reminder, I feel like Chibi-Usa’s appearance really hit home the questions I’ve mentioned earlier: what facet are you concentrating on so much that the achievement would ultimately hurt you? Is it just a facet? Or is it the whole picture?

Have you been concentrating on just one thing? Or have you been looking at the whole picture and not really concentrating on one thing?

I have been focusing on a single facet of myself. Is it an illusion? If I step back, most likely. It’s just one part of me. I choose to accept whether or not it really is a true reflection of myself or if it’s “just a bad dream” and I can “wake up” to the reality of who I am.


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