The First Post

How many social media platforms can I get on?

A lot. The answer is a lot. Am I good at keeping up with them? Not particularly. But I’m going to try anyway. It helps that WordPress links up to a bunch of my social media places. You can find me on tumblr and on the Book of Faces.

For those new to this song and dance, I’m Ann of the Waters!

Why the waters? I’ve always felt a draw to the lakes and rivers, to the ocean and the rain, to the ice and the snow. It speaks to me, it nourishes me, it guides me.

I’m a trained shamanic practitioner. I’ve also been reading tarot and oracle cards for roughly 15 years now. But I’m always learning, always soaking up new things, new adventures to add to my practice, to share with friends all over. I’m also reiki attuned and have worked with energetic healing for a while.

My move to WordPress really was inspired by how I would like to keep a place to hold all my little stories, my adventures, opinions, and maybe some other witchy out there would come across it and connect to it.

Are my posts regular? Not for the time being. But stay tuned. There’s probably interesting stuff up and around the corner.


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